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Home Fitting Supply and Fitting Checklist      

Checklist for a quote

To enable us to provide a speedy quote, here are some questions that, if you can answer on the phone (or provide in an email) will be of assistance:

What type of room needs flooring attention? Hall, Lounge, Dinning room, Bedroom etc.

What is the approximate size of the floor?

What type of sub-floor do you have? Wooden boards, Concrete etc.

What type of flooring would you like laid? Laminate, Wood strip (click system), Wood strip (glue).

Do you know the name of the product you want fitted?

Will the area be completely cleared before fitting?

Do you want the existing floor covering removed?

Do you need any additional materials? Underlay, beading, skirting, door edgings etc.

I will also need your name, address, telephone number and email address (if you have one).


Suppliers you might consider

Mobile - 07931 382574
Tel/Fax - 020 7833 3590 (24 phone answerphone)